All Essential Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts – PDF Download [Free]


Making your life a bit easier with keyboard shortcuts is pretty essential because these keyboard shortcuts not only saves your time but increases your productivity by two-fold. Putting that aside, using a mouse for even little tasks like opening a new tab or closing a tab is pretty awkward.

So today stugon is here to share some of the most essential Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts that will not only increase your productivity, but will also makes your browsing experience more awesome.

The below keyboard shortcuts will work with any recent Chrome browser and if you need them for offline usage then you can download all these Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts in PDF using the download link below.

Download Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

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Shortcuts What They Do
Ctrl + T Open New Tab
Ctrl + N Open New Window
Ctrl + Shift + N Open New Incognito Window
Ctrl + Shift + T Open Last Closed Tab
Ctrl + Tab Switch To Next Tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch To Previous Tab
Ctrl + P Print Webpage [Chrome Print Dialog Box]
Ctrl + Shift + P Print Webpage [Windows Default Print Dialog Box]
Ctrl + O Open File Dialog Box
Ctrl + S Save Webpage
Ctrl + H Open Chrome’s History Tab
Ctrl + J Open Chrome’s Downloads Tab
Ctrl + F / F3 Open Find Tool
Ctrl + G Find Next
Ctrl + Shift + G Find Previous
Ctrl + D Bookmark Current Webpage
Ctrl + Shift + B Show or Hide Bookmarks Bar
Ctrl + Shift + I Open Chrome’s Developer Tools
Ctrl + Shift + J Open Chrome’s JavaScript Console
Ctrl + Click On A Link Open’s The Link In New Tab [Background]
Ctrl + Shift + Click On A Link Open’s The Link In New Tab [Foreground]
Shift + Click On A Link Open’s The Link In New Window
Ctrl + U View Page Source
Ctrl + R / F5 Reload Current Webpage
Ctrl + F5 Reload Current Webpage Ignoring Cache
Ctrl + + Zoom In
Ctrl + – Zoom Out
Ctrl + 0 Return Zoom To Normal
Ctrl + L Jump To Address Bar
Ctrl + E Enter Search Query In Address Bar
Ctrl + Enter Adds www. & .Com To The Text In Address Bar
Ctrl + 1 through 8 Cycle Through Tabs
Ctrl + 9 Switch To Last Tab
Ctrl + W / Ctrl + F4 Close Current Tab
Shift + ESC Open Chrome’s Task Manager
Shift + Alt + T Set Focus On Toolbar
Shift + F10 Open Context Menu [Similar to Right-Click]
Alt + F Open Chrome’s Settings Menu [Wrench Menu]
Alt + F then B Open Chrome’s Bookmark Manager
Alt + Home Open Homepage
Alt + ← / → Jump To Previous Webpage / Next Webpage
Alt + F4 Close Current Window
Home / End Jump To The Beginning or End Of The Webpage
PageUp or PageDown Scroll Up or Scroll Down
F1 Chrome’s Help Window
F6 Change Focus Between Address Bar and Webpage
F11 Toggle Full Screen
ESC Stop Loading Webpage

Download Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts PDF