How To Disable Auto Media Download Feature In WhatsApp [Android]


WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messenger app which was recently bought by Facebook for a whole lot of zeros [for $19 Billion]. Mobile users have always loved WhatsApp for its amazing features and dependable secure messaging service.

But like any features, there will be some features that are just annoying or useless under certain circumstances and Auto Media Download Feature is one of them. Auto Media Download feature in WhatsApp is the feature that ensures all the media sent by your buddies is downloaded automatically.

Of course, the feature is optimized by default so that all the media is only downloaded when you are using a Wi-Fi and only images are downloaded while you are using Mobile Data connection. But in some occasions, you may want to disable auto image downloading feature when using mobile data because the images are sucking most of your mobile data or your mobile data is pretty limited.

So to deal with situations like this, here is how you can disable auto media download feature in WhatsApp and how you can manage what media can be downloaded when using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Disable Auto Media Download Feature In WhatsApp


To disable auto media download feature in WhatsApp, Launch your WhatsApp app in your android mobile and touch the menu button and select ‘settings’ from the list.

Now navigate to Chat settings option in the list. Here you will find and bunch of settings, but what we are looking for is ‘Media auto-download’ setting.

Touch/click on it to open it. Here you can see what WhatsApp can download while using mobile data and Wi-Fi. To disable image downloading while using mobile data, just open ‘When using mobile data’ setting and uncheck the check box ‘Image’ and click OK to save the changes.

You can also edit what WhatsApp can do while using Wi-Fi in the same manner. That’s all there is to do and its that simple to disable auto media download feature in WhatsApp.

Hope that helps and do share your thoughts and experiences.