A complete List Of All Chrome URLs and Their Purposes

From time to time we’ve been making tutorials about activating and deactivating certain features in Google Chrome to achieve desired results. If you are following our articles closely then might have seen that most of the settings are experiments and the URL we use to access those settings is chrome://flags. The flags page is where all the experimental features are listed.

The above URL is not the only one that Chrome has, there are several other Chrome URLs which can do different tasks and different levels. So, here is a massive list of all Chrome URLs that can be used by your geekiness. I’ve not only shared a list of all the Chrome URLs but, I’ve also specified their purpose, so you can use them more effectively.

Note: although you are eager to test all the URLs listed here, please keep in mind that some of these URLs may damage your Chrome browser if used incorrectly.

List Of Chrome URLs

Of all the URLs above, the most used ones are listed below. Generally, most users don’t need more the ones listed below.

  • Chrome://settings
  • Chrom://flags
  • Chrome://plugins
  • Chrome://downloads
  • Chrome://extentions
  • Chrome://history

Chrome URLs for Debugging

While most of the above URLs are pretty general, The URLs in this category can be used for debugging purposes. Which means that these URLs are utterly useless for you unless you are a developer. Said that, there are some ‘Kinda Debug URLs’ in the above list(like, blob-internals, crash, conflicts, etc.,) and please don’t use these URL’s unless you are sure about them.

You may find that most of these URLs are absolutely useless for you. But, having a knowledge of them doesn’t cost you anything. Also keep in mind that the above URLs may be changed or deleted in coming versions of Google Chrome. So, if you have anything to say, please sound below with your comment.