Here’s How to Play the Facebook Messenger’s Secret Basketball Game

There is some sort of hidden charm about the secret games and other stuff buried deep in the regular apps and software. Do you remember the famous Flight Simulator game in Microsoft Excel or the hidden game in the Chrome browser that you can play when you cannot connect to the Internet? Yes, they are interesting and fun to play. When it comes to Facebook, besides from the Chess game that is tucked away into the Messanger app, there is a new Basketball game, thanks to the new Emojis. So, how about shooting a few hoops?

Facebook Messenger’s Secret Basketball Game

Playing Facebook Messenger’s secret basketball game is pretty easy and straightforward. To start off, make sure that you have the latest version of Facebook. If you don’t have Facebook Messenger installed, you can easily download the Android and iOS apps.

Once you’ve confirmed that you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger, it’s time to play the game.

To play the game, all you have to do is send the basketball emoji to one of your friends in the Messenger. If you can’t find the emoji in that huge list, then copy it from here ?.

Once you are done sending the message, simply tap on the basketball emoji from the message thread and you can start the game. The game mechanics are simple, just swipe up to put the ball in the basket.


Playing this game is a piece of cake right? No, after a few shots the basket starts to move sides ways which really challenges you to score a goal. In case you are wondering, the goal of this game is to challenge your friend and see who can score the most goals.

That’s it. There goes the days worth of productivity and actual work.

Do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about the new secret basketball game in the Facebook Messager or just about the general hidden fun stuff in software.