How to Access Linux Partitions From Windows


If you are a dual-boot user(Windows and Linux), then at some point of time you may want to access Linux partitions from Windows, but you can’t because Windows can’t handle and won’t support Linux file systems. Which simply means that you just cannot access Linux partitions while using Windows. Actually, that is where these free softwares comes into play.

Most Linux distributions use EXT4 file system and the free softwares listed below are some of the best software’s that can give you the access to this file system so that you can retrieve and work with files and folders seamlessly.

Ways to Access Linux Partitions from Windows

Linux Reader


Linux Reader is a free software from DiskInternals, Linux Reader is most probably the easiest way to access Linux partitions from Windows. You can download this freeware using the download link below and once you’ve downloaded it, just install it like any other software.

To access Linux partitions with Linux Reader, just launch the installed software and it will automatically detects and displays any Linux partitions lying around. As Linux Reader is a Read-Only app, you may have to save files & folders from Linux partitions into your Windows system in order to work with them.



Ext2Explore is just like Linux reader and is also the other best choice to access Linux partitions from Windows because it is open source and portable i.e, you actually do have to install this app in order to use it. You can download this open source freeware using the download link below.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, just launch it with administrative privileges (right-click on the app and select “Run as administrator” option from the list) to start working with files and folders located in your Linux partition. However, just as with Linux reader, you have to save files & folders into your Windows machine before using/altering them.

That’s all there is to do and its that simple to access Linux partitions from windows. Hope that helps in saving your time with dual-booting.