9 Must Have Chrome Extensions For Every Chrome User


The good thing about chrome is, it does have tons of extensions which make our life easier and flexible. But finding useful extensions for your daily use may be tough. So, stugon took the struggle and made a collection of nine useful chrome extensions.

List of chrome extensions

Shorten Me

Shorten Me is a simple URL shortener, using this you can instantly shorten any URL with goo.gl and you can even generate QR codes for that urls.

Download Shorten Me (extension removed from Chrome web store).

Spell Book

With Spell Book, you can simply place all your bookmarks in bookmarklet and can access them by simply right-clicking on the contextual menu.

Download Spell Book

Time Warp

Time warp is a simple extension which lets you be focused by reminding you of to-do things and make you stay focused and avoid distractions.

Download Time Warp


If you heavily use the social media user then you will love this extension. Chime simply aggregates all the notification of your Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

Download Chime

Panic Button

Don’t close your tabs when someone is peeking over your shoulder, just hide then with one single click and restore later. The Panic button lets you hide all your current tabs with one single click and opens a predefined web page instead. You can even password protect the button from unauthorized usage.

Download Panic Button

URL Expander

Don’t be fooled by the URL shorteners. Using this extension enables you to look what’s behind the shortened URL without actually clicking it.

Download URL Expander (extension removed from Chrome web store).

Youtube Ratings

See the number of likes and dislikes in a bar style over every video thumbnail in youtube. This helps you know the rating of that video even before watching or clicking it.

Download Youtube Ratings

Nifty Split

This is extension is pretty handy. Nifty Split splits your chrome browser into two halves. clicking the link in the left window open the link in the right window.

Download Nifty Split

Disconnect Me

Disconnect helps you save your privacy by letting you block the otherwise invisible websites that track  your browser history and search history. It even hides all the ads on a website. That being said, do whitelist Stugon as this website only shows very minimal and non-intrusive ads.

Download Disconnect Me