15 Universal Keyboard Shortcuts For All The Browsers


Everybody loves keyboard shortcuts, ’cause they reduce frustration and increase efficiency of work. Especially when you are using some browser to surf, you do lot of things like move back and forth between tabs, enter new web address, open links in new tabs etc.., most of the times these action demand mouse usage if you don’t know the shortcuts of exact browser. So, stugon made a collection 15 most useful universal keyboard shortcuts which work on all major web browsers like chrome, firefox, opera, safari, etc.

Shortcut List

ctrl + T – Open new tab.

ctrl + N – Open new browser window.

ctrl + tab – Cycle through tabs.

ctrl + W | F4– Close current active tab.

Mouse middle click – Close tab.

ctrl + shift + T – Reopen closed tab.

Backspace | Alt + ← – Navigate Back.

F5 – Reload.

ctrl + F5 – Reload page freshly, ignoring cache.

F11 – Full screen.

ctrl + ‘+’ – Zoom in, ctrl + ‘-‘ – Zoom out, ctrl + 0 – Zoom normal.

ctrl + Enter – suffix ‘www’ and prefix ‘.com’ to a domain name automatically. Ex: stugon turns to www.www.stugon.com.

ctrl + F – Find.

ctrl + H – Open recent browsing history.

ctrl + D – Bookmark current tab.

ctrl + shift + delete – Clear browsing history.

Escape – Stop current loading or action.

Download the list in PDF format

You can also download the PDF version of these shortcuts from here, So that you can refer when needed.