Stugon Giveaway Program

Over the time we are getting to enjoy the giveaway programs from our sponsors, also helping in making our readers happy and sponsors double happy. To say it, we are really enjoying building relationships with PR’s, software developers and even with our valuable users.

If you are really interested in holding the giveaway then here are the things you need to know!!!

Every giveaway is accompanied by a decent and unbiased review of your product, and the giveaway will be entertained for at least 5 days(at our discretion). At the time of the giveaway, It will displayed on our homepage(at our discretion), heavily circulated on our social media(facebook, twitter & Google+) and will also reach our 900+ email subscribers.

At the end of the giveaway i.e after the giveaway has been finished, the winners will be selected randomly unless otherwise stated or announced.

Expectations From Our Side

As you are the product developers, we expect you to tell everything about your product and anything you think will make our readers go crazy. By your help, we can make the review good and effective.

  • All links pointing outside will no¬†nofollow.
  • The review will be short,faithful and unbiased (we discuss both pros & cons).
  • It is up to us to select the winners.

Requirements For a Giveaway

  • If you product is digital: Not less than 3 copies*
  • If your product is physical: Not less than 1 unit*

*Additionally one complimentary unit or license for review.

The physical units are shipped to any country without any restrictions unless otherwise stated. If you are interested, please contact our editor using our contact form.

//Said that, Stugon reserves every right to reject your application of giveaway, but you can expect us to reach you anytime.