How to Enable Night Mode in Chrome and Firefox

Most websites on the Internet use white and other bright colors in their design to make websites and blogs attractive. Though it looks good, it is bad for your eyes if you are staring at your computer screen for long periods of time. This is especially true when you are using your PC or laptop to browse at night times.

In case you are wondering, the computer screens emit a kind of blue light and this light messes with your sleep. So to reduce the friction on your eyes, you can either use apps like F.lux for windows or you can just enable night mode in Chrome and/or Firefox. Enabling the night mode in your browser is the best way to go if do a lot of browsing at night times.

Here is how you can enable night mode in Chrome and Firefox.

Enable Night Mode in Chrome

To enable night mode in Chrome, we are going to use a free Chrome extension called Night Mode Pro. So, head over to the Chrome extensions page and click on the button “Add to Chrome.” You may receive an alert pop-up, just click on the button “Add” to continue.


Once the extension has been added, you will see it next to the address bar. To activate the night mode, click on the extension and you will be provided with two choices, “Night mode with brightness” and “Day mode with brightness.” If you want a complete night mode then select the option “Night mode with brightness” and it will invert all the colors. You can adjust the brightness using the slider.


If you don’t want to enable the complete night mode then you can just dim the screen by selecting the option “Day mode with brightness.” Of course, you can adjust the brightness level using the slider.


Enable Night Mode in Firefox

Dark Theme in Firefox: if you are looking to enable Night or Dark Theme in Firefox then you can do that directly from the Customization menu. Open Firefox menu (three horizantal lines) appearing on the upper right corner and select “Customize.” In the customization screen, select “Dark Theme” from the “Themes” menu.

Night Mode in Firefox: Just like in Chrome, you can enable night mode in Firefox using a free add-on called Night Mode Eye Guard. So, download and install the add-on. The good thing about this add-on is that it doesn’t require any browser restart.

Update: looks like the Night Mode Eye Gaurd extension is no longer working with the new Firefox Quantum update. You can try Dark Mode add-on which is compatible with the new Quantum update. I’ve tried it recently it is working pretty good.


After installing the add-on, click on the Night Mode Eye Gaurd icon appearing next to address bar and toggle button next to “Night mode.” This action will enable the night mode in Firefox.


If you want to, you can also schedule the night mode by selecting the option “Automatic timer.” Moreover, you can also customize the darkness by changing shades next to “Customize darkness.”

That’s all for now and hopefully that helps. Do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about enabling night mode in Chrome and Firefox.